Services We Offer

Sail Repairs

We can repair/modify a wide range of damage to any sail from large yacht sails to dinghy sail and from laminate to Dacron to spinnakers.

New Yacht sails

Using the latest CAD sail design software we are able to design sails to fit your price range. All sails are designed and made in-house here in the UK with full after sales support

New Dinghy Sails

We offer a range of dinghy sails from our race sails (such as Streaker, Solo and Graduate classes) to our cruising sails (such as Wayfarer, Wanderer and Stratos classes) to our training sails (such as 2000, RS200 and RS400 classes)

Sail Laundry

We offer a full laundry service for your sails and covers to help get the green or mud out of them!