Comet Sails and Covers


We make a large range of covers and cruising/training sails for the Comet.

Our CRUISING sails are designed to last longer then class supplied sails and give good long term economical for the sailor. Made from slightly heavier weight cloth these sails give you a good “bang for your buck”.

With our TRAINING sails our aim is to get as close as possible to the class supplied sails. We aim to do this by designing our sails to be the same size and shape and we even go as far as to use cloth as close as possible. This way you get sails as close as possible to the original.



Morgan Sails is independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited, Velum Limited, Topper Sailboats Limited or RS Sailboats Limited.
Morgan Sails replacement sails should not be confused with official sails.